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Hi there. We are Good Wood Nashville. We started in my garage in 2012 while I was trying to match 100 year old poplar floors for an old East Nashville Victorian that I was restoring for my own home.

As I searched for old poplar to match my old floors, I found that it was a very difficult process. After the house was finished, I decided to start a business to help others find the old, beautiful wood that I came to love, admire and respect. I began selling wood out of my garage, and soon my clients asked me to build furniture for them. Then clients asked me to install wood walls for them.

We figured it out as we went, but we enjoyed the process.

Now we are a dedicated team of people who are committed to our craft, committed to learning, committed to heirloom quality work, and committed to our client’s satisfaction.

Reach out and say hi. We’d love to work with you. We ship nationwide and are looking for a customer to help us say that we ship worldwide.

Thank you! —Dave Puncochar, Founder & CEO