Owner & Founder Dave Puncochar in the office at Good Wood Nashville

The story started with a 102 year old Victorian home in East Nashville. The search for the perfect match for the Old Growth Poplar that was on its floors was what ultimately birthed Good Wood Nashville. What kept us working was the beauty of the reclaimed lumber that we found irresistible. We continue to find new ways to fashion and forge wood in a way that allows these salvaged treasures to live on reminding us that we are not selling wood, we are selling history. Come see what we mean. Visit our store!

This owner’s dream is fashioned from 100% reclaimed wood!

Today on the BCP Show we talk with business owner Dave Puncochar. He started his company in his garage, and today he’s turning out beautiful custom furniture and art from reclaimed wood. It’s an inside look at a real blue collar business dream.