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    Articles & Awards

    Our work has been featured in the news, design magazines, and architectural publications, showcasing our dedication to unique, handcrafted woodwork. These features stand as a testament to our relentless pursuit of excellence and innovation in the industry. Our 'Root to Table' program, a unique endeavor close to our hearts, has been recognized for its transformative approach, immortalizing cherished trees into heirloom pieces. We are humbled and honored by these acknowledgments, which motivate us to continually strive for the highest standards in our craft and deliver exceptional products to our clients.

    The Highland Woodworker

    Good Wood Nashville's Founder, Dave Puncochar was featured on The Highland Woodworker, episode 66.

    Cyrus vs Cyrus on Bravo

    Our wood wall was featured in an episode of Cyrus vs Cyrus on Bravo. Follow the link to the Bravo page to view the episode!

    NBC News

    Good Wood was featured in a story by NBC News in Nashville about a recent discovery at Belmont University.

    ABC News

    Good Wood had the pleasure of partnering with Vanderbilt University to bring a second life to a 250-year-old oak tree months after its death.

    Style Blueprint

    Good Wood is honored to be featured in a story on Style Blueprint. Follow the link below to read the article.

    CBS's Talk of the Town

    CBS's Talk of the Town stopped by the Good Wood Nashville showroom and spoke to our founder Dave Puncochar.

    Eater Nashville

    Good Wood was thrilled to be part of the Two Ten Jack construction.

    Love Local

    Good Wood Nashville was featured in a "Meet the Maker" series on Love Local.

    Woodpreneur Life

    Our founder Dave Puncochar spoke with Woodpreneur Life about founding and Operating Good Wood Nashville.

    General Motors

    Good Wood Nashville partnered with General Motors to design custom furniture and wall treatments.

    Yelp: Behind the Business 

    Behind the business: staying Nashville Strong with Good Wood

    ACME Radio / The Entrepreneurial Mind

    Good Wood founder Dave Puncochar w/Kane Harrison & Dr. Jeff Cornwall

    Dave Puncochar at Acme Radio