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    Elevate Your Design

    At Good Wood Nashville, we cater to commercial, hospitality, and retail clients seeking statement-making conference tables, exceptional vintage lumber installations, or captivating custom signs. From rustic to modern, our skilled artisans weave artistry into every project. Discover the perfect blend of nostalgia and innovation as we create bespoke pieces tailored to your unique vision. Let us bring your commercial, hospitality, or retail space to life with the unmistakable allure of vintage lumber and custom craftsmanship.

    Interior Design

    At Good Wood Nashville, we serve as true partners, collaborating closely with designers, architects and builders to bring their visions to life. Often involved from the early stages, even before ground-breaking, we offer our expertise and support. We can provide 3D models and renderings that integrate into their plans, offering clients a comprehensive view of the envisioned space. This collaborative approach ensures that every vintage lumber installation, conference room table, or custom sign we create aligns perfectly with the overall design scheme, delivering a cohesive and remarkable result.

    Conference Tables

    We Don't Believe in Boring Tables

    Our bespoke tables are designed with our clients in mind. We craft tables that suit your professional needs including built-in power outlets, laser-engraved branding, cord management solutions, and tables that convert into individual workstations. Whatever you're dreaming up, we'll build it.

    Accent Walls

    At Good Wood, creating bespoke vintage accent walls for our commercial partners is a unique service. Our accent walls will suit your needs whether it's vintage wood or a sleek, modern design.


    Good Wood Nashville is dedicated to providing our commercial partners with the highest quality reclaimed or engineered flooring. Our flooring solutions go beyond conventional offerings — they embody a story, a legacy held within every plank. Each piece of wood is meticulously sourced, selected, and repurposed to enhance commercial spaces with a distinct vintage charm. Elevate your commercial space with our reclaimed or engineered flooring, creating an ambiance that reflects a blend of history and innovation.


    Good Wood Nashville collaborates closely with numerous interior designers and architects to integrate our custom wood countertops into a spectrum of commercial projects. Our countertops can enhance designs for your reception area, lobby, fine dining and café counters, adding an elevated touch. Each countertop is a distinct piece of craftsmanship, designed and tailored to complement the commercial space.

    Retail Displays & Signs

    Good Wood Nashville, proudly collaborates with businesses, retailers, and designers to seamlessly integrate our custom wood displays and signs into commercial and retail spaces. Elevate your commercial or retail space with our custom wood displays and signs, fashioning an inviting and memorable environment that mirrors the distinctive character of your brand and products.

    Whether you're in the design or construction stage or already have an existing brick and mortar, Good Wood can help. Call one of our expert design consultants today.