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    Tree from Samaritain's Recovery

    Root To Table: Samaritan’s Recovery Project in Nashville

    August 24, 2022 by

    Dave Puncochar

    We are proud to partner with Holladay Ventures to preserve the trees from the Samaritans Recovery Project near the Titans Stadium.

    We will be donating an art piece made from those trees into the new buildings which will house Samaritans Recovery.

    For most of the past 10 years, I’ve driven by these beautiful trees at this site on my way to downtown, the Titans Stadium, or just hopping on the interstate. There were magnolias, a beautiful maple tree you’d die to see in New England in the fall due to the color of the leaves changing, and even a walnut tree or two.

    Earlier this year, we got a call from Holladay Ventures to help them save these trees that had to come down to make room for the new project.

    We went down to save a few of these massive beauties, and over the next year or two we will be bringing these trees back to life by allowing people to have a custom table or piece made from the wood. We call it Root to Table.

    The process is simple, but it takes a while:

    The tree is cut.

    It is (usually) hauled off for safe keeping until we mill it on our sawmill

    Once we mill it, we dry it out for 6-24 months, typically.

    Then we stick it in a Kiln, which is large oven for wood that kills bugs and brings the moisture down.

    After all of that, the wood is ready for our craftsmen to work with and make heirloom pieces with.

    Shoot us a note on our contact page if you’d be interested in a custom piece from this location.